"Life has surprised me, but never disappointed me!"

Nia grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, the daughter of Greek immigrant parents.  Family recipes and holiday entertaining were important aspects of her Greek heritage.  She graduated from her hometown Huntington College with a degree in art; her ever-vigilant father wouldn’t hear of her leaving home. Armed with a degree and high grades, she prepared herself for a career in interior design and teaching art.

Nia was married and soon widowed as a young woman. Her family doctor and his wife, Nia’s biology teacher, urged her to go to medical school and offered to help.  She was one of only two women accepted to the Tulane School of Medicine class of 1962.  After medical school, she was the only woman accepted in her chosen residency.  She credits the continuing growth of the specialty of dermatology for giving her a rich and rewarding life with friends, colleagues, and mentors.  

Nia’s love of people and sense of hospitality have made her a much-loved hostess.  Whimsy, good humor, and appreciation of the unexpected, combined with the traditions of her Greek heritage, are the hallmarks of her style.  These qualities and her innate sense of aesthetics—all expressed with seemingly effortless élan—are showcased in this book.  She encourages you to adapt the recipes and tips to your own style, and to embrace the art of the feast (small or large) with poise and assurance.

Nia K. Terezakis, M.D.

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Hardcover: 248 pages

Dimensions: 10" x 10"

Language: English

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ISBN: 978-0-9883496-1-2

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